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Dr Simon Gathercole

Dr Simon Gathercole is Editor of the Journal for the Study of the New Testament. Having studied Classics and Theology at Cambridge University.

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Evidence of History.

Who has the true message of Jesus?

Probably the most popular idea in relation to the Bible is that books have been missed out or put in due to political pressure and various media have been full of talk about ‘other gospels’.

Some of the most famous ‘other gospels’ are the gospels of Thomas, Judas and Mary. Two facts about the very earliest Christians and their beliefs are:

  • they believed that Jesus had died as a ransom for our sins.

  • they believed that Jesus had fulfilled the Old Testament.

It is found that while Matthew, Mark, Luke and John agree with these two Christian beliefs, the apocryphal gospels generally do not. They do not fit the pattern of earliest Christian belief precisely because they were written later.

On our DVDs Simon Gathercole shows how the ‘other gospels’ are less reliable than the canonical gospels both in their picture of history and in their picture of Jesus’ message. For real pictures of Jesus, based on eyewitness testimony, you need to read the New Testament.