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Bible and Church
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Tyndale House, Cambridge

Scholars at Tyndale House are dedicated to researching all the primary evidence relevant to the study of the Bible.

It possesses one of the finest libraries for biblical research in the world, packed with specialist material on the language, culture, history, and meaning of the Bible.

Tyndale House




Confidence in the Bible

We are being bombarded with false information about the Bible.
It’s alleged that it has been corrupted by power-hungry Christians.
They are charged with having omitted books they did not like, and changing the original message of Jesus

When these claims are made in books, magazines, TV and the Internet, most Christians don’t know how to respond and are unable to articulate reasons for the trustworthiness of the New Testament. Some have their faith shaken.

  • ‘It is even possible to mount a serious, though not widely supported, historical case that Jesus never lived at all.’ (Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion, p. 122)

  • ‘The four gospels that made it into the official canon were chosen, more or less arbitrarily, out of a large sample of at least a dozen including the Gospels of Thomas, Peter, Nicodemus, Philip, Bartholomew and Mary Magdalene.’ (Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion, p. 121)

  • ‘For a long time, there was incandescent debate over which of the “Gospels” should be regarded as divinely inspired.’ (Christopher Hitchens, God is Not Great, p. 113)